IIIrd Scipio

A Tale of betrayal and Redemption.

by Scander Safsaf. 09/01/2015. Algerian Freedom Alliance.

First is this unbearable sentiment of dominance. This untouched, yet unscathed feeling of control leading to challenges of its own.

Anything I can and for beauty I will. I will til I become this chrysalis stuffed with certitudes, blind to the truth, ready to fly a wing of joy.

Hail to the gates! for I have passed them and Virgil I have honored.

More I want, more I live for, more I dig for so reach I can this luring light where the ninth sits.

And there I open my eyes.

Oh son of Hamilcar how many legions you wiped before you realize Rome is just a dream.

Second is the burden. This behemoth of shame growing in pain.

Emptiness is now my way and loneliness my curse.

Let me back! but the trail is forth and not willing to turn.

Let me eat! but pittance is scarce.

Let me, Let me, Let me.

Oh souls nurture my plague and redeem my complains.

And there the veil falters to this promising whisper only a fool will hear.

Oh son of Ithaque, they couldnt erase your memory for Eternity fills your thoughts.

Third is simply the Light, shinning but not blinding, penetrating but not harming, purifying to its glory, mystifying all sins.

Blossoming leafs, fly me for I relieved myself and plain is now my way.

Oh Scipios your patience granted you the orient for Baal is no longer. Transient in life, redeemed of my sins, Eternity I choose.


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